My mother‘s name is xx and she is xx years old. She is a housewife. Every morning she ask my father and me to get up and cook the food for us. After I finish eating breakfast, she will send me to school and then back house to do housework.
My father is 00. He is 00 . He is a businessman and he is the economic support of our family. When mum send me to school he goes to work. He will back home at 5 p.m.
我妈妈叫xx,她今年xx岁。 她是一个家庭主妇。 每天早上她会喊我和爸爸起床 然后给我们烧早饭。吃完早饭后,她会送我去学校然后回家做家务。
我爸爸叫00。他oo岁。他是一个商人,他是家里的经济来源。 当妈妈送我去学校的时候,他就去上班了。他每天5点回家。